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Why don’t my hair textures sell? / What should I charge for my hair textures?

Hair in developing:
 Hair textures are the starting point of developing for a lot people. It’s easier, not always in making, but in using. You don’t have opacity maps, UV maps, or detail positioning to worry about and you don’t need the body map of avatars. It’s a simple 256 by 256 image. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing for file selling. This means you will attract newbie developers who are interested in buying your textures, or you will have to find a way to make your hair stand out from the others.

Difference Between Developers:
 If you compare the hair of newbie devs (or those new to hair in general) to other newbie devs it all looks the same. The developers who have been around for a while have their own style and more detail in their hair. This means if your hair looks the same as many others, it will probably be over looked by buyers. Take the time to practice making hair. You don’t have to submit or sell anything but try to find your own style. You can even buy hair textures from other developers (shamelessplug) or look up some tutorials and learn some new tricks. 

Following the Trends:
 Hair, like other things, goes through trends. For example, “ombre” hair is really popular right now. You can follow the trends while standing out. This goes back to finding your own style. If your hair looks different but is sold in a color or colors that is popular right now you are more likely to get sales.

What’s on the Market:
 You also have to consider what is on the market right now. I can only speak for the FSF because that is the only place I sell besides my blog. Right now majority of shops are selling hair textures. Most flat but some layered. This means people are more likely to buy from those they know or who have lower prices because the market for it is large. Sometimes the demand for certain textures, like hair, falls for a short time and people stop selling it. This is a good thing. When you see that people stop selling a certain type of texture add it to your shop, you will then be one of the few selling it when the demand goes back up.

Price Based on Limitation:
 A limited texture is sold to a small amount of people and because of this is worth more. An exclusive texture is sold to only one person and should be priced higher than your limited files. A semi-exclusive texture is sold to 2-3 people or is used by you but will be sold to 1-2 more people. A mass texture has no buying limit and usually has a lower price.

Selling anything in layered PSD file makes it worth more.

In conclusion, hair is a good thing to sell on the side but don’t make it your main thing unless you already have a steady amount of customers. The market for it is slow for everyone so don’t take it personally.

Keep practicing!~


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